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Gilles Adda

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Gilles ADDA is a CNRS Exceptional Class Research Engineer.

After engineer studies at Ecole Centrale de Lyon, he received a PhD degree in computer science from the University Paris-Sud 11 in 1987 for his work on Language modeling and automatic recognition done at LIMSI, and an Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR) in 2011.

In 1987, he joined first the Ministry of Culture and Communication, then the CNRS in 1992. His activities focus on the design and setting to implement statistical learning methods for automatic processing of natural language. This research includes the development of probabilistic language models for automatic transcription and translation systems. He participated to many evaluation campaigns in ASR, Q&A, Machine Translation since 1992. He is strongly involved in the development of corpora and language engineering evaluation framework. He is also involved in linguistically oriented studies on spoken language.

He participated to more than 35 national and international research projects, and was responsible until 2013 of the research theme Language Modeling, Machine Learning, Translation of the Spoken Language Processing group at LIMSI, and now responsible of the research theme Language Resources. He is member of the AFCP (Association Francophone de la Communication Parlée) board, and member of ISCA. He published more than 150 articles, 13 chapters and 15 papers in journals. He was Director of the IMMI (Institute for Multilingual & Multimedia Information) lab, a French-German laboratory  gathering LIMSI, KIT, and RWTH from 2014 to 2016. He received in 2010 the CNRS Crystal medal (best engineer distinction).

Bât. 508
rue John von Neumann,
Univ. Paris-Sud BP133
91403 Orsay Cedex France
Phone: +33 1 69 85 80 56
Fax: +33 1 69 85 80 88