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Maria Gavrilidou

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Maria Gavrilidou is a researcher at the Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Extraction Department – ILSP/ RC Athena. Researcher in computational linguistics since 1988, she has been the scientific coordinator of ILSP's participation in many European and national projects on language resources (indicatively: CLARIN, ΕΗΓ-89 GreeD, POTHEG, INTERA, ENABLER, LEXIS/EPET ΙΙ, SAPPHO/EPET-ΙΙ, SIMPLE/LE-2, PAROLE/LE-2, Greek-Danish dictionary/LINGUA-SOCRATES, RENOS/LRE, Network of European Reference Corpora etc.).

Her areas of interest are : Computational lexicology and lexicography, Language Resources, Metadata standards and Terminology.

She has profound experience in the design, development and processing of language resources (textual resources, computational lexica, terminological lists and thesauri), in the design and use of metadata for language resources description, in the design and development of language resources supporting the documentation and retrieval of cultural content.

She teaches Computational Lexicography in the Interdisciplinary Inter-university Postgraduate Course in Language Technologies Technoglossia organised by the University of Athens and the National Technical University of Athens (1999-2009) and the Postgraduate course Interdepartmental M.A. Programme Lexicography: Theory & Applications of the University of Athens (2003, 2005 & 2007).

She has coordinated or participated in the construction of printed and electronic multimedia dictionaries for human users and the design of educational material for the teaching of Greek as mother tongue

She has publications in Greek and international conferences, journals and books, in the areas of Computational Lexicography, Terminology and Language Resources creation and processing.

Institute for Language and Speech Processing
Artemidos 6 & Epidavrou
GR-151 25 MAROUSSI, Greece
Tel: +30 210 6875441
Fax.: +30 210 6854270, 6856794