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Distribution Agreement between ELDA and Lexicala
for Multilingual Lexical Data Dissemination

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Press Release – immediate
Paris, France and Tel Aviv, Israel, October 12, 2023

ELDA and Lexicala by K Dictionaries are delighted to announce their new cooperation on distributing Language Resources for 50 languages.

ELDA is now making available Lexicala’s high-quality lexical data designed to enhance language learning, and support Machine Translation and diverse Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence applications.

The Lexicala resources consist of different groups of datasets. Full descriptions can be found in the ELRA Catalogue of Language Resources under the following links:

  1. GLOBAL Multilingual Lexical Data: a network of lexicographic cores for major world languages, comprising monolingual cores, bilingual pairs, and multilingual combinations for 25 languages.
  2. MULTIGLOSS Multilingual Glossaries: a series of innovative word-to-sense glossaries for over 30 languages into 45 more languages.
  3. Morphological lexicons: extensive morphological lists linking inflected forms to main lemmas for 15 languages.
  4. Parallel Corpora & Domains: parallel corpora for nearly 400 language pairs and numerous multilingual combinations, featuring general language and vertical domain vocabularies.
  5. Biographical & Geographical Names:
    • English BIO Biographical Names: 4,200 dictionary entries regarding prominent persons worldwide.
    • English GEO Geographical Names: 7,200 dictionary entries regarding major locations worldwide.
    • GEOLINGUAL Tables: multilingual tables of over 200 countries and geographical names – including their adjectives, persons, and main languages – in 16 languages.
    • Audio Pronunciation & Phonetic Transcription: human voice recordings of single-word lemmas and multiword expressions, as well as IPA and alternative scripts for 21 languages.

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About Lexicala

Lexicala by K Dictionaries offers multi-layer lexical data for and across 50 languages, relying on 30-year experience in pedagogical and multilingual lexicography worldwide. Lexicala converges manual content creation and curation with automated data processes and helps to enhance machine translation and other natural language processing applications, as well as language learning and model training.

To find out more about Lexicala, please visit:


About ELDA

The Evaluation and Language resources Distribution Agency (ELDA) identifies, collects, markets, and distributes language resources, along with the dissemination of general information in the field of Human Language Technologies (HLT). ELDA has considerable knowledge and skills in HLT applications. ELDA is part of major French, European and international projects in the field of HLT.

To find out more about ELDA, please visit: