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ILC-ELRA Agreement

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The purpose of the agreement between ELRA and ILC-CNR is to formalize, develop and consolidate the existing cooperation between both institutions. They agreed to pursue cooperative actions in fields of common interest, in particular the management, customization, updating and documentation of language resources and scientific dissemination activities such as the organization of conferences, workshops and editorial initiatives.

The cooperation areas will cover:

  1. the participation to the activities of ELRA and its special interest groups, including the LRL Workgroup;
  2. the management, customization, update and documentation of language resources stored and disseminated via the ELRA Catalogues;
  3. the scientific organization and management of the LREC Conference;
  4. the scientific and editorial management of the Language Resources and Evaluation Journal.

The agreement was signed officially on October 26,2016 in Brussels by the representatives of both institutions: Simonetta Montemagni and Khalid Choukri.